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Carnival of the Animals - The Swansong


The Inter-American Choreographic Institute is dedicated to developing options for scholarship funding for the future generation of dance talent. Carnival of the Animals - The Swansong is provided free of charge to member organizations that pledge to donate all proceeds to scholarships for exceptional talent. Endeavoring in Social Responsibility and Audience Development through Art.

Carnival of the Animals – The Swansong is a full-length ballet featuring over 50 dancers on stage, set to the music of Camille Saint Saëns (including his original Carnival of the Animals and other compositions). It was created as a commission by Miami City Ballet and the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.

The ballet aims to raise awareness of our fragile co-existence with nature and instill core values of personal responsibility for its healthy and prosperous existence. In juxtaposition, natural wonders of nature and its creatures are pitted against the violence, greed, and ignorance of some humans.

While the ballet is enjoyable for audiences of all ages, it is intended and designed to engage younger audiences, and their families.  After much documented research, great care was put into color schemes, costumes, characters; and plot development mindful of action sequences generally changing every three minutes in order to keep attention span at a maximum.

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