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The mission of the ICI is to create, expand, and support artistic ventures that reflect the cultural paradigms and consciousness of the Americas. The ICI seeks to use the performing arts to highlight the challenges and successes of our diverse communities, as well as the values, dreams, and hopes that unite us all. The ICI also develops, organizes, and implements strategies to empower arts and community organizations, especially through public-private partnerships.


The institute's goal of promoting public and private ventures that provide broader access to performances and exhibitions to the general public, as well as strategies for the inclusion of cultural economics opportunities, is equally important. This includes a clear response to the need for long-term, sustainable employment in the arts and related fields.

The institute's other objectives include increasing the visibility and importance of South Florida as a cultural gateway between the American continents, developing bilateral international working collaborations with artistic and cultural organizations across the Americas, incubating new artistic works for national and international presentations, and engaging in cultural tourism.



The inclusion and representation of countries across the Americas in the Inter-American Choreographic Institute's membership and leadership is integral to the success of the Institute's Mission and Goals.

As a result, the Institute is working with the leadership of each organization to establish charter members of the institute and ensure their participation as it expands its programming through various artistic collaboration projects.

Brazil was the first country to have an official charter of the Inter-American Choreographic Institute through Companhia de Ballet do Rio de Janeiro, and Colombia followed suit with Cia. Ballet Metropolitano in Medellin.

The stories of the Americas are rich and diverse.  Indigenous, European, and African diasporas, among others, provide an unparalleled source of creative inspiration. These stories of turmoil and triumph, of fables, tradition, and ritual, are the core of its people.

Bringing these stories to the stage is crucial for the Inter-American Choreographic Institute in terms of developing new audiences and raising awareness of their value.

Among the main objectives of the institute are:

  • Elevate the prominence and significance of South Florida as a cultural gateway between the American continents;

  • Establish inter-American working collaborations;

  • Engage in cultural tourism;

  • Develop and incubate new artistic works for national and international presentations;

  • Work in tandem with city, county, community, and commerce initiatives in order to maximize the investment of public tax dollars.

Among its professional services are:

  • Strategic planning;

  • Organizational capacity building;

  • Artist management;

  • Development and fundraising.

Services available through our partners:

  • Event planning;

  • Social media content development and management;

  • Website design.

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