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Ritmo y Samba is a firsthand look into the exciting culture of Brazil! The rich color and passion that is the essence of the culture comes through in the explosive “passista” dancer, the corporal rhythms of the “gingado,” and through the woven richness of an unparalleled mix of races!

The show is a lavish display of music, color, and dance brought forth through the energy of talented Brazilian artists. Each performer - a professional of song, corporal and musical rhythms – embodies the essence of the culture, be it with the glamor of the style, the “ginga” (beat of the foot), or simply the gaze of the eyes, which can enrapture the soul!

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Imperial Brazil

Imperial Brazil is a classical story ballet that depicts the era between 1808 and 1821 when the Braganza royal family of Portugal resided in Brazil, fleeing from the Napoleonic invasion. A full ballet classic, with a rich and captivating storyline in the manner of grand scale performances such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet, etc.

A true story of a monarchy in Latin America, of which very few are even aware about - that transitioned Brazil from a colony to a full-standing country of the Portuguese empire. A fantastic journey of royal personas whose very own values and traditions begin to evolve and become intrinsic with that of the cultures they seek to rule – the indigenous and African populations.

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The Inter-American

Symposium on

Dance and Education

The Inter-American Choreographic Institute  is developing the first ever Inter-American Symposium on Dance and Education

The Symposium is set to convene the most notable dance companies and organizations from the Americas to share and discuss in panel form their experiences of success and challenges, and help create short and long term strategies for the broad advancement of dance and dance education across the Americas.  One of the objective of the symposium is to establish an international council that will work collaboratively to create strategies to help implement this goal.

Artistic directors, company managers, cultural and governmental affairs directors, arts presenters, educators, producers, and theater managers among others will be invited to share and discuss their experiences, including historical development of concert dance and current trends in each of their countries. The conference will also be open to academic fellows who would like to publish journals summarizing conference findings.

Symposium Programming

The four-day conference (Thursday through Sunday) will include a full schedule of events and activities meant to accommodate a broad range of participants and interests.  After the opening and welcome reception, each day shall commence with an open plenary session led by the Symposium Co-Chairs each morning followed by conferences, workshops and presentations.  Moderated discussion topics will range from the emergence of concert dance in the Americas and particulars to each country - to the introduction and expansion of Classical, Neo-Classical and Contemporary Dance. Topics will also include successful strategies in expanding dance awareness and support, dance education, and audience development among others.  During the symposium, various artistic activities with accessibility to the general public will be taking place within Cidade das Artes as well as in other spaces throughout the city.

Conferences and Workshops

Daily programming will commence each day with an open-plenary session moderated by the Symposium Co-Chairs.  Artistic Directors, Theater Managers, Government Officials and others will discuss themes such as:

What is the current situation of Concert Dance within the Americas?  Is it in a state of growth or decline?

What strategies have companies employed that have yielded positive returns in audience development?

What are the obstacles for greater expansion: culture, education, socio-economic challenges?

How can we increase sponsorship for Concert Dance across the Americas?  Why is support so minimal in Central and South America? 

Do we have, or have we met our Social Responsibility objectives?

Are classical dance curriculums incorporating cultural influences that may increase enrollment including contemporary, and ethnocentric styles?

Open Classes

During the Symposium, dancers of intermediate and advanced levels will be able to take class with some of the most outstanding teaching talent attending the event.  Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Ballroom will all be offered, taking advantage of Cidade das Artes state-of-the-art studio spaces.

New Composers Forum

Prior to the symposium, there will be an open call, facilitated through various music organizations and conservatories to composers who wish to have their works considered for new choreography projects.  During the symposium, Artistic Directors, choreographers and other participants will have an opportunity to meet these new composers and listen to some of their compositions, and which may hopefully result in new choreographic inspirations.

New Choreographers Forum

Select existing and aspiring choreographers will be invited to present their works for the enjoyment and consideration of Artistic Directors present. In addition, Symposium participants, including company directors, will vote for the three most outstanding works.

Cinema Fest

Brazil has a great cinematic tradition that has grown ever stronger since the beginning of the 20th century, either as a producer, talent contributor, or as a central theme of the film. The exhibition will be open to the general public at all times and will feature films related to Dance and Music Theater, including great classics of Brazilian cinema such as Black Orpheus, Only When I Dance, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and First Position among others.

Viva a Dança!

Is a large festival event on the ground floor of Cidade das Artes which features over 20,000 square feet of open air access.  The Dance and Education fair will be open free of charge to the public. In addition to family-oriented recreational programming, , the fair will also be an opportunity for exhibitors, retailers, cultural, educational, civic, and health organizations. The fair will run the full length of the Symposium, from Friday through Sunday.

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